Workplace Charging Provides Benefits for Employers

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With many more electric cars on the market today and prices coming down, your employees may be looking to purchase these cars now and in the near future.

Electric vehicles offer zero tailpipe emissions while running on electric mode, and offer the highest energy efficiency and lowest carbon emissions per mile of all current consumer vehicle offerings on the market.

Electric vehicles can offer consumers significant advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles, including savings on fuel costs, added convenience, and reduced maintenance costs. Electricity is cheaper than gasoline to power a vehicle – generally equivalent to about $1 per gallon – and consumers are able to conveniently charge up at home.

Employees who are able to charge up at work travel more miles in all-electric mode which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fuel costs.

Employers who offer workplace charging for their employees are also benefiting in various ways:

Employee Recruitment

Stay competitive in recruiting by offering workplace charging. Many top notch employees are looking for dynamic companies that stay on the leading edge of technology.

Green Image

Workplace charging shows leadership in supporting sustainable transportation options. It can help you attract new business from customers who are looking for environmentally conscious partners.

Sustainability Goals

Workplace charging can help you meet your company’s sustainability goals. In addition, purchasing some electric vehicles for your fleet may offer substantial savings over the life of the vehicle.

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